Legend of Nossa Senhora do Monte

It is said that in the late fifteenth century about 1 kilometer above the Nossa Senhora do Monte church, in Terreiro da Luta, a shepherd girl was playing during the afternoon with a girl. The shepherd girl shared her meal with this young girl. The shepherd girl was so pleased with this encounter that she shared with her family what happened but they did not believe her story, because it was unlikely that a girl would appear in that deserted wood so far away from the village. On the afternoon of the next day, the girl came back to play with the shepherdess and give her a packed meal, and the shepherdess told the family again.

The next day, at the time indicated by the shepherdess, her father was hidden to observe the scene. It was when he saw on a stone a small image of Holy Mary, and in front of it the innocent shepherdess who rushed to tell him that that image was the girl who spoke to her.

The father, baffled, dared not touch the image and announced the fact to the authority that ordered to place the image in the Incarnação chapel, near the present Nossa Senhora do Monte church. This name was given since then to that venerable image.