Legend of Arguim

On the day that Madeira emerged from the seas, another Atlantic island, known as Arguim, which was situated slightly North, was submerged.

D. Sebastião did not perish in the battle of Alcácer-Quibir, he was defeated by the moors and fled to an island in the ocean that would be Arguim.

However, on route to this legendary place, he passed by Madeira Island, touching the Cape Garajau and in the most protruding rock to the sea, he speared his huge sword with strength. And there the sword of the king remained, stuck and enchanted, hoping that one day he would return for the reconquest of the Portuguese land, which was soon handed over to the Filipes of Castile.

D. Sebastião had started to live in Arguim, in castles of gold and ivory, guarded by a lion at the door. This peaceful lifestyle bored him and he would fall asleep in the sweet lap of nymphs and fairies.

That said, many years ago, a caravel coming from the mainland in search of the Madeira island, had at prow the Arguim island, which suddenly emerged. The boat docked in its anchorage, carrying some Jesuits, heading to Brazil. The boldest left on board a shallop that sailed to the beach, and they were enormously surprised when they discovered that the pebbles of the beach were of pure gold and the sand was precious stones and ivories. The navigators climbed a hillside where they hoped to find new bedazzlements, when the island submerged, dragging them into the waters of the Atlantic.

Under the sea there was another world with flowers of a exotic beauty and beautiful fish. The navigators attended a hearing of the new court of D. Sebastião, a ceremony dedicated to them and with all the details of the royal palace parties.

When the reception ended, the island emerged and everyone was able to return to the beach, with promises to return.

The vessel docked on Madeira island, where the navigators told what they saw and announced that when Arguim returned to the surface forever, Madeira would descend to the marine abysses, disappearing forever from the map. The day of the return of Arguim would be when the young king went back to get his sword at Garajau and fight the Filipino occupants.

It is further said that, on another trip, another caravel loaded with supplies coming from Lisbon bound for Madeira, went through a terrible storm near Arguim. It was necessary to throw overboard most of the cargo, when suddenly the vessel returned to balance, in a surprising quietness.

The captain ordered to observe the sea and some men, who had the courage to dive, told astonished and fearful that they had seen a city where people received in celebration the bags of supplies that were slowly going down from the surface. This was Arguim.