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"Madeira. Where you feel connected!” is the motto of the new campaign launched by the Madeira Tourism Board, through the Madeira Promotion Bureau (APM), which aims to strengthen the emotional connection of Destination Madeira with the international market, through a digital promotional campaigns, aimed for different markets such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Finland and Norway.
Based on an "inspirational" concept, this campaign aims to keep Madeira "top of mind" for tourists, reinforcing its connection to the destination, thus staking for this purpose, on a message that highlights all its attractions and tourist highlights, which seduce, make a difference and continue to captivate and capture the interest of its visitors.

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The organization of the MIUT 2021 has decided to postpone the 12th edition of this event, to the 20th of November, in view of the epidemiological evolution of the current COVID 19 world pandemic.

According to information published in the organization’s official channels, those who registered for the MIUT® 2021, will receive new access codes to their registration, during the months of March and April, for the reconfirmation and or postponing to 2022 or 2023, as well as to safeguard any updates on behalf of the subscribers.
At an organizational level and in view of the size of the event itself, this postponement thus aims to guarantee maximum security for all those directly involved, namely participants, volunteers and members of the organization.

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Madeira has once again been chosen as the safest European destination for travelling in 2021, like other tourist destinations which are included in the list presented by European Best Destinations (EBD), namely the Archipelago of the Azores, Alentejo and the city of Lagoa, in the Algarve.
Amongst the reasons for including Madeira in this list of the safest destinations in Europe to travel are aspects related to the effectiveness of the set of sanitary measures applied by the regional authorities to control the pandemic in the region, namely through the programme "Madeira Safe to Discover" and the "Clean and Safe" (TdP) certification, thus remaining in the green zone, with one of the lowest rates of active cases in Europe, when compared to other European destinations ”.

EBD's list of the Top 13 "Covid-19 safest destinations in Europe" includes other tourist destinations, namely the Azores (Portugal), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Martinique (French Antilles), Lagoa - Algarve (Portugal), Tahiti (French Polynesia), Asos - Kefalonia Island (Greece), Alentejo (Portugal), Corfu (Greece), Kokkari - Samos Island (Greece), Meteroa (Greece), Ikaria (Greece), Cavtat (Croatia).

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MADEIRA SAFE TO DISCOVER APP (Published: March 2020)

The Madeira Safe to Discover App, developed by the Madeira Promotion Bureau in partnership with IASaúde, is aimed at all travellers (tourists and residents) who arrive in Madeira, enabling them to obtain a variety of free experiences and aimed at various audiences.
Available at or on appstore/playstore, travellers will not only be able to fill in all the information required by regional health authorities to enter and stay in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, but also submit proof of PCR testing for Covid -19, performed in the 72 hours prior to departure.

Now, using the App allows you to earn points by completing daily tasks and challenges, which can later be exchanged for experiences and still have access to exclusive information, such as details of local attractions and the best time to visit them; a map with the main tourist attractions and also a trip planner allowing for more effective trip planning.
There are about 80 experiences (limited and subject to existing availability), divided into two levels - Silver and Gold - that can be obtained by users through the fulfillment of a set of steps:
- Register on the Madeira Safe to Discover App - 5 points;
- Fill out the epidemiological survey before or upon arrival in the destination - 5 points;
- Submit a certificate / proof of testing for Covid-19 prior to your trip - 30 points;
- Activate the option to receive push notifications - 5 points;
- Share the app on your social networks - 5 points;
- Use the app daily - 1 point per day;
- Inform us of your daily health status in “How I am ” - 1 point for each update (max. 2 points per day).

The app is integrated with the health authority's website, so the steps performed on the app will always be reflected in the user's registration on this web page, as long as the user validates that authentication.


Madeira was elected the safest European region to visit at Christmas, and the only Portuguese one that is part of the list drawn up by European Best Destinations.
Among the reasons for including Madeira in the list of the safest destinations to travel to, at Christmas, is the sanitation situation, where the region has twelve times fewer cases of covid-19, per million inhabitants, compared to other European destinations ”.

Madeira Destination is thus highlighted as the “most beautiful tropical Christmas destination in Europe”, with the “sunniest Christmas market”, “sublime illuminations”, in addition to handicrafts, Madeira wine and gastronomy.

The list of the Top 15 "Covid-19 Safest Christmas Destinations" by EBD also includes other tourist destinations such as Tallinn (Estonia), Vienna (Austria), Krakow (Romania), Prague (Czech Republic), Gdansk (Poland) ), Dresden (Germany), Zagreb (Croatia), Baden-Baden (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), Dusseldorf (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Warsaw (Poland), Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany), Graz (Austria).


For the fifth consecutive year and the seventh time since its first participation, Madeira was elected by the World Travel Awards as the “Europe´s Leading Island Destinationn 2020", in those that are considered the“ Oscars of tourism ”, in a gala that took place in a virtual format, due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Madeira competed in this category alongside other tourist destinations such as the Canary and Balearic Islands (Spain), Cyclades and Crete (Greece), Guernsey and Jersey (United Kingdom), Cyprus, Malta, Azores (Portugal), Sicily and Sardinia (Italy).

The World Travel Awards are held once a year and intend to recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in all sectors of the tourism industry on a global scale.

The greatest weight of the votes derived from the tourism professionals and travel agents located in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Visit this destination recognized for its excellence!

X-MAS TOUR 2020 - FROM DECEMBER 1st TO JANUARY 8th, 2020/1 (Published: October 2020)

Experience Christmas in Madeira with the annual Christmas Light-Up Tour!
The Christmas spirit takes hold of the city, starting with the inauguration of the outdoor Christmas light displays and decorations that adorn the streets of Funchal during the first week of December.

The X-Mas Tour tour stops in:
Câmara de Lobos
: Neighboring fishing village in the city of Funchal. The Praça da Autonomia in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos is filled, especially during the Christmas season, with color, lights and lots of entertainment, as well as the traditional public crib, which can be visited. In addition to the square, the streets are decorated and lit to make traveling in the magic of Christmas.
Miradouro do Pináculo
: Considered one of the most emblematic viewpoints in the city of Funchal, the Pináculo viewpoint is located to the East of Funchal. This viewpoint is located at 283 meters from sea level and offers one of the most magnificent views over the bay of Funchal.
Funchal City Center
: Funchal, with its impressive, magical and imaginative lights, trumpeting angels and multicolored trees, captures the imagination and transforms the city into an illuminated wonderland. We travel in minibuses the main arteries of the Madeiran capital. The focus is on the central square, Avenida Arriaga, where there are plenty of stalls with traditional food and drinks from the region.

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"Let us keep Christmas beautiful" - Feeling Madeira



L CONCERTS (Published: October 2020)

The Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, in collaboration with Madeira Tourism Board, the company “Urbanistas” and the Madeira Music Conservatoire, hosts another edition of “L Concerts".

This cultural initiative, whose projection has been establishing itself in national and international levels with the aim of making the most of the summer and enjoying a good open air concert the Hotel Estalagem da Ponta do Sol promotes the show "L Concerts".
A set of 10 concerts are programmed, depicting both Portuguese and international music in addition to more alternative and traditional sounds, such as indie, rock, jazz.
Previous editions welcomed the participation of notorious international names, such as Barbara Eugénia (Brazil), Karina Gomes (Guiné-Bissau), Weyes Blood (USA) and the North American duo THEESatisfaction, among others.


The arrival of the decorative lights in the streets of the city centre of Funchal, during the month of December, sets the beginning of the Madeira Christmas and End of the Year Festivities programme.

These festivities culminate with the famous fireworks show, officially recognised in 2006 by the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest fireworks show in the world.
These commemorations consist of a rich and extensive programme of cultural, religious, ethnographic and artistic manifestations that take place throughout the entire month of December, an event that culminates on January 6th.
Find out more about what to expect from Christmas and New Year Festivities in Madeira, taking place between December 1st, 2020 to January 10th, 2021.

December 23rd
Market Night is held on December 23rd, when Madeirans do their last-minute Christmas shopping and it is in this hustle and bustle that the spirit of the “Festivity” can best be felt, the nickname given by the Madeirans to identify Christmas. The inhabitants move towards the Farmers' Market where the surrounding streets, which are closed to traffic, are occupied by various points of sale opened throughout the night. They have varied local products such as flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, sweets, wine-and-garlic meat sandwiches and typical drinks, such as poncha.
At nightfall the biggest attraction of the day begins, a traditional Christmas carols show, where locals take on the role of true artists. Also the participation of music bands and folklore groups helps to maintain the atmosphere of celebration and fun until dawn.

December 28th
Organised by the Madeira Athletics Association, the Funchal Road Race is one of the oldest sports events of its kind in Portugal and Europe. This race that has attracted innumerable national and international athletes to the island, brings lots of adrenaline and excitement to the Madeiran capital.

December 31st
The fireworks show lasts for about eight minutes and is distributed by several fireworks stations in the Funchal amphitheatre, the waterfront, the city centre, the sea and one station on Porto Santo Island.
This grand spectacle that is one of Madeira’s most important tourist events, was internationally recognised in 2006 by the Guinness Book of Records as "The largest fireworks show in the World".

January 5th
On the evening of January 5th to 6th the Twelfth Night songs are sung in the neighbours’ houses, a little throughout the region. It is this spirit that seeks to recreate the popular tradition of the Madeiran traditional songs that were made on this day, door to door, in various localities of the ARM, which the Association of the Casas do Povo of the Autonomous Region of Madeira organises and produces in the Auditorium of the Municipal Garden of Funchal, the musical show “Cantar os Reis” ( The Twelfh nights songs).

Other initiatives included in the programme:

Childbirth Masses
Christmas begins with the "Missas do Parto" (childbirth masses) starting December 16th and ending on Christmas Eve, with the midnight mass. The "Missas do Parto" - the novenas - are nine in total and are celebrate early in the morning. After the mass, believers gather in the churchyard to hear the chanting, accompanied by groups of strings, accordions and castanets, with no shortage of the “despiques”, which are followed by the snack with spirits, liqueurs and cakes.
In some parishes of Madeira such as Câmara de Lobos and Camacha, the tradition of philharmonic bands is maintained, accompanied by other instruments, such as castanets, bass drums, braguinhas or accordions, of going door to door, in a joyful symphony, to awaken its locals and rush them to this typical ritual of our land.

46TH EDITION / BOOK FAIR - NOVEMBER 13th TO 22nd (Published: October 2020)

The Municipal Square is be the centre stage of the annual Book Fair, a cultural event held between November 13th to 22nd , which involves most of Madeira's bookshops and some Portuguese publishing houses.
This initiative is being run by Funchal Municipal Council and includes a diverse range of activities, from conferences, book launches and exhibitions which will take place at Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre.

CHESTNUT FESTIVAL - OCTOBER, 31st AND NOVEMBER, 1 st (Published: October 2020)

Organized by the Casa do Povo of Curral das Freiras with the purpose of promoting this important regional agricultural product.
The Chestnut Festival is an opportunity for the numerous visitors to taste the various delicacies and products made from this fruit, namely: roasted chestnuts, liqueurs and cakes.
This occasion also offers a chance to promote a gastronomic competition held amongst some of the village´s typical restaurants, an event to be held between October,31st and November,1st.
Come to Curral das Freiras and taste the chestnut!

FUNCHAL ECO TRAIL - OCTOBER, 24th (Published: October 2020)

The city of Funchal is part of an international route of Eco Trail events, a kind of trail running that is unique for the fact that it includes an urban circuit, a sports event held on October,24th.
Over the next 3 years, Funchal will start to appear on the international Eco Trail circuit, placing Madeira´s capital firmly on the map in terms of this sport. Through international and local partnerships, all necessary conditions have been met to ensure the excellence and quality of this event.
This competition integrates various classes, and is comprised of three races in distances of 80, 40 and 18 km.

MADEIRA FILM FESTIVAL - OCTOBER, 12th TO 18th (Published: October 2020)

The Madeira Nature Film Festivals an international independent film festival inspired by nature,that brings together various initiatives related to sustainability, art, education, ecotourism, recreation, a tribute to the Laurissilva Forest, recognised by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.
The Madeira Nature Film Festival stands out for its investment in a diversified programme combining cinematography with music concerts, lectures, workshops and solidarity fashion shows, in a unique and intimate ambiance, taking place between october,12th to 18th.
This festival is also distinguished for its educational component, directed towards the development of projects in many areas including: communication and marketing, multimedia, arts and design, theatre, environment and sustainability, among many others. This event aims at awakening consciences for the ecological preservation of natural resources, and provides an excellent opportunity for those who wish to have their film project reviewed by international cinematographers.


The organising committee of the European Best Destinations announced the list of the safest Christmas markets in Europe, of which Madeira is part.The selection process was based on the following criteria: number of Covid-19 cases per million inhabitants, number of hospital beds per inhabitant, proximity to airports, implementation of sanitary and hygiene measures in hotels, stores, restaurants, public transport and places, among others. According to the EBD, the Archipelago of Madeira is nevertheless highlighted for its action and commitment to position itself as a safe destination, having implemented a set of measures and good practices for this purpose, namely the SGS certification, and the “Clean & Safe” stamp, in order to guarantee and minimize the risk of a pandemic resurgence in the region, as can also be read on the official website: "With up to 12 times fewer COVID-19 cases per million inhabitants than other European destinations and without casualties, Madeira is a safe destination for your Christmas holidays ". The Christmas market is part of the Christmas and New Year's Eve programme, which starts on the 1st of December and ends on the 10th of January 2021 this year. 


Madeira is the most affordable island destination, with no quarantine for British people looking for autumn sunshine, according to a new study by Post Office Travel Money.The report, called ‘Islands in the Sun Holiday Barometer’, compared the prices of meals, drinks and other tourist items, including coffee, beer and sunscreen, in eight destinations in European and Caribbean islands that are not on the United Kingdom government list that requires quarantine upon return from vacation, is the first of its kind compiled by Post Office Travel Money, which claims that island getaways are emerging as the 'most practical choice' for UK tourists in October, after Turkey was added to that list.

Among the 'sun islands' of Europe - with Madeira, Rhodes and Sicily being integrated for the first time in this type of studies, it was verified that the low cost of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks helped make Madeira the cheapest option.The Caribbean islands were more expensive than any of the European destinations. Although they remain conditioned to quarantine on the return of British tourists, Post Office Travel Money also evaluated three Canary Islands: Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote, concluding that none of them can compare with the prices of Madeira.


According to the main results of the ´Satisfaction Surveys´,held by the Tourism Observatory (University of Madeira), the main events held in 2019, by the Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, reveal a very high global satisfaction level regarding the Christmas and New Years celebrations and the Flower Festival, followed by the Carnival, the Atlantic Festival, the Wine Festival, the Columbus Festival and the Nature Festival, with a very steep recognition index.n most events, the main strategic emitting markets stand out, namely the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and France, with 54% of the respondents who were present at the Christmas and New Year’s Festival, having visited the destination for the second or more times. On the other hand, in the overall average, more than half of the respondents visited Madeira for the first time. It should also be noted that, on average, these tourists earn a monthly income of more than €3,300, stayed in the Region for more than a week and spent between €137 and € 353 per day/person.